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Trillium Tea, Talk & Tours

Trillium Tea pastries photo by Carol Hart Trillium Tea Croissants photo by Carol Hart Trillium Tea glassware photo by Carol Hart

It’s a themed event and it’s all about Trilliums! Trilliums are beautiful wildflowers that often bring back fond childhood memories of walking through the woods in early spring. 

This fun event takes place at Cottage Lake Gardens, a two-acre botanical garden on the east shore of Cottage Lake in Woodinville, Washington.  Cottage Lake Gardens now has all 50 species of trilliums and is one of the only gardens in the world you can see them all growing in one place.

Trilliums are “spring ephemerals” meaning their beauty, while exquisite, is fleeting since they bloom during a narrow window of time before going dormant by summer.  While their blooming season can vary from year to year, generally they bloom during the months of April and May.  Each year Cottage Lake Gardens schedules a limited number of tours for the public to witness this rare event and the tours are usually booked a year in advance.  All tours are scheduled through this website by advance reservation.  (See below for details on how to register.)

The fun event begins with an indoor tea enjoying light refreshments using vintage trillium china.  Guests then enjoy an indoor PowerPoint talk on trilliums describing their fascinating evolution, how to grow them in your own garden and ending with a beautiful slideshow of the most popular trillium species.  By the end of the talk everyone is so excited about trilliums, they can’t wait to go outside and tour the "Trillium Trail."  At the conclusion of the tour, trilliums and other companion plants will be available for purchase while supplies last.

This year will be our 7th year of hosting our annual Trillium Tea, Talk and Tours and to date we have held over 125 teas! Between the Trillium talks and the Trillium teas we have reached out to almost 4,000 people spreading the love of Trilliums!
2017 Trillium Tea, Talk & Tours:  These tours are scheduled during the trillium blooming season (usually from mid April to mid May) on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays from 10 am to 1:00 pm.  Cottage Lake Gardens provides tea, coffee and light refreshments (usually assorted pastries and fruit) served on vintage trillium china.

Each tea, talk & tour is limited to a maximum of 20 guests and can be purchased on an individual basis. 

2017 Mother’s Day Brunch Trillium Tea, Talk & Tours:  On Mother's Day, Cottage Lake Gardens hosts both a morning and an afternoon Tea, Talk & Tour.  The morning tea includes a full brunch with eggs, sausage, potatoes, pastries, fruit, coffee and tea) served on vintage trillium china.  The afternoon tea menu includes turkey croissant sandwiches, fruit, pastries, coffee and tea served on vintage trillium china.

Each tea, talk & tour is limited to 20 guests and can be purchased on an individual basis.
  This is our most popular Tea so do register early!

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