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List of Garden Talk Topics available to Groups

Susie Egan gives talks on various gardening topics either at Cottage Lake Gardens or at the club's meeting location.  Susie's audiences include local garden clubs, the Northwest Perennial Alliance and its affiliated neighborhood groups, many Arboretum Foundation Units and Master Gardener Clinics.  Susie also gives talks to the public through the King County Libraries, the City of Seattle Public Utilities, the City of Seattle Parks & Recreation Department, the Cascade Water Alliance, and at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show.  Susie also travels out-of-state and internationally and will spend two weeks in Scotland in 2014 as the Scottish Rock Garden Club's traveling speaker, quite a prestigious honor.  Susie is also listed with the Great Garden Speakers.

Below is a list of Susie's most popular garden talks:                        Susie Egan giving Garden Talk at Northwest Flower and Garden Show

(see more detailed descriptions below)

  • Trillium Tea, Talk & Tour (at Cottage Lake Gardens)  
  • Come Tiptoe Thru the Trilliums (talk held at your location)     
  • A Symphony of Spring Ephemerals
  • Shade Gardening: Bring Beauty to Your Garden with Shade-Loving Plants
  • Creating Natural Beauty by Gardening with Washington Native Plants
  • Great Gardening:  Gardening Basics for All Gardeners
  • Drip Irrigation 101
  • Fall Fireworks
  • Wonderful Plants for Winter Interest   
  • Winterizing the Garden (aka "Putting the Garden to Bed")
  • Botanical Latin Made Easy     


Trillium Tea, Talk & Tour at Cottage Lake Gardens
This has been our most popular event and we know you'll love it too.  It is a themed event and it's all about Trilliums!  It takes place at Cottage Lake Gardens and begins with an indoor tea using vintage trillium china.  While enjoying light refreshments, guests listen to a talk on trilliums including their fascinating evolution, descriptions and photos of the many different trillium species, how to care for them and even how to propagate them.  By the end of the talk everyone is so excited about trilliums that they can't wait to go outside and tour the Trillium Trail.  The tour also includes a tour of the beautiful lakefront garden with its bog garden filled with Gunnera, pitcher plants (Sarracenia), and Cobra Lillies (Darlingtonia).  It's a wonderful treasure trove of botanical treasures.  Afterwards trilliums and other wonderful woodland plants will be available for purchase.

Come Tiptoe Thru the Trilliums
This is the same talk given at the Trillium Teas (see description above) but this talk is given at your location.

A Symphony of Spring Ephemerals
Come learn about those sweet little woodland gems, the earliest wildflowers to unfurl during the warmth and light of early spring.  This is a delightful talk and PowerPoint presentation with many beautiful photos of these wonderful spring ephemerals including unusual Bleeding Hearts (Dicentra), Wood Anemones & Anemonellas, Dodecatheon (Shooting Stars), Trout Lilies (Erythronium), and last but not least, Trilliums.  You will learn all about them and how you can grow them in your own gardens.  Many of the photos were taken at Cottage Lake Gardens.

Shade Gardening:  Bring Beauty to Your Garden with Shade-Loving Plants
Embrace the shade!  It's fun and easy.  This talk will help you learn how to garden in the shade and understand the different levels of shade.  Susie will share her favorite shade and woodland plants and show you how to design your own serene shade garden.  So sit back, relax, and enjoy the shade.

Creating Natural Beauty by Gardening with Washington Native
Learn more about the big trend toward planting native plants, why it has become so popular and how you can create a beautiful and earth-friendly home garden by incorporating them into your own garden.  You'll learn which native plants work best in smaller urban gardens and also how they provide shelter and food for the wildlife.  And did we mention they are low maintenance?  Susie Egan will cover all types of native plants from native trees, shrubs, perennials, ferns and groundcovers.  She'll also provide resources such as great websites, books, and places to obtain native plants.

Great Gardening:  Gardening Basics for All Gardeners
This talk is ideal for new gardeners and even a brush-up for veteran gardeners.  It covers the basics of gardening starting with how to  improve your soil, how to select plants that will thrive in your garden, proper planting, watering and pruning techniques, all for lasting success that will also save you time and money.  You will learn how to design and create a garden that is both beautiful and healthy – for you and the environment.  Includes handouts with valuable resources (websites, apps, books, etc.) to help you succeed. The emphasis of this class is more on ornamental gardening as opposed to vegetable gardens.

Drip Irrigation 101
Learn how to put together a simple and inexpensive drip system without electrical wiring or a plumber, plus you can get the components at your local hardware or home improvement store.  You'll find out how nice it is to enjoy the summer without having to worry about dragging around hoses or turning on sprinklers.  In fact, you can go on vacation and the timer will do all the work for you.  It really is that easy.  Oh, and drip will save you money on your water bill too!  It doesn't get much better.  Plus your plants will love you for it too. 

Fall Fireworks
Come enjoy a colorful slideshow showing wonderful plants that add drama and excitement to the end of the gardening season.  Take advantage of all the beautiful glowing colors that fall brings in shades of rosy reds, glowing golds, burnt oranges and warm burgundies.  You'll learn about making wonderful combinations of trees, shrubs, and perennials that add color, texture and drama to your fall garden.

Wonderful Plants with Winter Interest
This is another one of Susie's most popular talks.  Did you know there are many trees, shrubs, perennials, and groundcover that provide beautiful winter interest to the garden whether with winter-blooming flowers, fragrance, fruit, seeds, or colorful foliage?  In this class you will enjoy viewing a colorful and interesting PowerPoint presentation showing these plants that grow in our region including many photos taken at Cottage Lake Gardens.  You'll also come home with a list of all of Susie's favorite plants for winter interest.

Winterizing the Garden (aka "Putting the Garden to Bed")
This talk goes through all the things you should do in fall to prepare your garden for winter.  By doing many of these tasks ahead of time, your garden will have a  head start the following spring.  You will come away with a handy checklist and filled with inspiration to begin your fall cleanup and winter prep as soon as you get home!

Botanical Latin
This fun talk will give you a better understanding of Botanical Latin, why botanical names are so important, and how Linnaeus created this binomial plant naming system in the early 1700's which is still in use today.  It's an uplifting and interesting spin on a sometimes boring or intimidating subject.

New Garden Talks:  Susie creates new garden talks each year and would like to hear your suggestions for new talks that would be of interest to your garden club.

                                                     Susie Egan giving Garden Talk at Molbaks




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